Der ABUS LockPoint – flexibel, änderbar, mitwachsend © ABUS

Storage ABUS LockPoint

With the ABUS LockPoint, all materials, documents and locking solutions are available to you exactly where you need them.

It can be used flexibly, because the frame allows you to move the LockPoint to where it is needed - for example, at the facility where work is currently being carried out. This way, all documents for permit-to-work procedures, interlocking solutions, tags and more are available to you exactly where they are needed. This allows you to easily comply with the 60-second rule, where all materials should be ready within one minute.

Made out of solid steel, it is perfect for use in industrial environments. Thanks to the modular construction of the ABUS LockPoint, any working environment in the lockout/tagout area can be purposefully and efficiently designed.

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