Hochwertige Wohnimmobilien sollten sie auch mit hochwertigen Türzylindern schützen © ABUS

Door cylinders The heart of every door

We have the right length and the right cylinder model for almost every door and every private locking system.

Security card
Security cards offer the advantage that further keys can only be made by the specialist dealer on presentation of this card. In this way, we prevent unknown or unauthorised persons from having a spare key made – and being able to break into your property if the opportunity presents itself. 

Emergency and hazard function
This feature allows you to unlock the door, even if a key is inserted from the inside.

One door cylinder – different access authorisations
Our premium door cylinders are very suitable if you want to set up a private key system* with access authorisations for your residential property. For example, you can allow your cleaners access to selected private areas, but not to your wine cellar or garage, for example.

*Does not apply to the EC660, EC880 and XP20S door cylinders.

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