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Cylinder purchase tips Your key to more security

The door cylinder is the heart of every door. Therefore, your locking system should comply with the current security standards.

A unique combination of optional security features, patent protection, unlimited trademark protection and high technical protection measures against illegal key copying makes this possible. 

Tips for your cylinder purchase

Everything important at a glance:

  • Protection against key copying
    A unique combination of patent protection, unlimited trademark protection and high technical protection measures reliably protects you against illegal key copies and tampering of the lock cylinder.
  • Know who has a key
    Additional protection is provided by the Security card. That means: No one can copy your front door or flat key without presenting the security card and thus put an illegal copy of your key into circulation. 
  • Measure and replace door cylinder
    To replace a door cylinder, you must measure the correct size in advance. Read more
  • Emergency function
    Oh no! The door slams locked with the key on the inside. How convenient if your neighbour has a spare key. This will work because of the Emergency feature making it possible for you to unlock the door even if a key is inserted from the inside..
  • Closure type
    For rented flats, a single-differ lock is often used, where a door cylinder only locks with the corresponding key. With keyed alike cylinders , cylinders and keys can close among themselves. For example, you can lock the letterbox, the garage door and the front door of your house with one key.
    In most cases, a key system is installed in apartment buildings. This consists of several cylinders with different locking authorisations. 

Besides a security card , the inner workings of a door cylinder are crucial. A door cylinder that is as burglar-proof as possible has various security features on the inside.

Legal copy protection guarantees through patent and trademark protection that the key may not be manufactured in the same way. This is how we protect our innovations from illegal key copying. Patented technologies inside the cylinder and on the key ensure a high level of technical protection 

Together with other equipment features, this ensures that a burglar has a lot more to crack on such door cylinders – far more than the calculated three minutes he/she spends trying to break down a door (and then hopefully moving on without success).

Clearly explained using the example of our Bravus MX Magnet locking system:

Bravus MX Magnet schützt Sie zuverlässig vor illegalen 3D-Schlüsselkopien © ABUS

The intelligent magnetic technology and the patented Intellitec system, on the key and in the cylinder, very effectively prevent the locking process with an unauthorised key.

Small magnet, big effect: The magnet is attached to the narrow side of the key shaft. The door can only be opened if it is present. When the key is inserted into the door, the blocking pin inside the cylinder checks the magnet on the key. If all magnet properties are correct, the closing process is released. 

The Intellitec system's multi-dimensional querying prevents locking with an unauthorised key. The Intellitec Detector in the cylinder checks the exact shape, position and height of the Intellitec pin on the key. If a key does not have the corresponding Intellitec pin, it cannot be fully inserted into the keyway and the locking process is blocked.

This is how Bravus MX Magnet reliably protects you from illegal 3D key copying.

Even if your requirements for the security and convenience of a door cylinder go beyond the normal level, we have the right product for you in our range with our special features . Whether seawater resistant, with increased breakage protection, special safety features or with special functions – define your needs! Thanks to the compatibility of the individual systems, products and additional equipment, we can fulfil your wishes and meet your security requirements.

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If you value a particularly high level of security, you should opt for a certified cylinder. Certificates such as SKG and VdS guarantee a high, consistent safety standard and the best quality. Such a cylinder is specially tested and must be able to withstand common break-in methods such as drilling, impact picking or even lock picking. 

Your local ABUS specialist dealer will be happy to advise you on all additional features and certificates.

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