Our container lock offers protection for valuable transport goods © ABUS

Container security Transport and cargo

Cargo unloaded, container secured? With our container lock ConHasp Granit, access to your valuable transport goods to India, the USA or overseas in general is protected.

Freight forwarders and their clients are struggling with increasing numbers of break-ins and burglaries in containers, trucks and on company premises. The transport industry in the European Union suffers millions of euros in damage every year as a result of cargo theft or burglaries.*

Therefore, secure your cargo! Our container lock ConHasp Granit is particularly secure, fits common transport and storage containers, is corrosion-protected and made of an extremely resistant steel. It is also suitable for sliding doors, barn doors or truck wing doors. The plus: Insurance companies recognise the ConHasp

*Source: polizei-beratung.de

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