Key handover made easy - with the KeyGarage 787 © ABUS

KeyGarage™ key box KEY ACCESS MADE EASY

Convenient for car rental companies, rental vehicles, vehicle rental companies, vacation home owners, ambulatory care services and more.

If keys are to be accessible to several people, KeyGarage offers a simple and secure solution for uncomplicated exchange. All that is needed is to pass on a numerical code to the authorised group of people. If the group of people changes, the code can be changed quickly and easily. 10,000 different codes are available for this purpose.

Thus, the KeyGarage is ideal for car rental companies, vehicle rental companies, vacation apartment and vacation home rental companies, in the office or for use in the field of outpatient care. Depending on how many keys you need to have in circulation or whether you might want to deposit smaller items (USB sticks, ID cards, chip cards, etc.) there for issue, you can choose from different sizes.

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