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Law firms & practices Security for law firms and practices

Depending on the size and individual security requirements, ABUS therefore offers law firms and practices integrated security solutions to protect people, confidential information and equipment. solutions to protect people and valuable technical equipment. The flexibly scalable systems ensure a high level of security:

Mechanical locking systems and electronic locking systems, alone or in combination, meet a wide range of requirements and can be supplemented with alarm and video surveillance technology at any time - including mobile access control and event notification via app.

ABUS products are developed with great care and meet the highest quality standards. At the same time, our solutions win over customers with a reasonable price/performance ratio. In addition, a network of specialist partners ensures competent on-site advice and reliable, long-term service during and after installation.

Award-winning ABUS brand ©ABUS
Excellent ABUS brand Our products enjoy a global reputation, are awarded prizes and receive the most important certificates, such as VdS and VSÖ. By installing tested quality products, a reduction in insurance premiums is therefore also possible - ask your contact person at your insurance company.
Industry expertise of our partners ©ABUS
Industry expertise of our partners We have a network of security specialists in both the medical and law sectors who are familiar with security technology in your industry and can provide you with expert advice.
All important products from one supplier ©ABUS
All important products from one supplier This gives you cost advantages in purchasing, installation and service, simple expansion and combination options and, with our partner, an expert who understands your individual security concept.
Service from your partner and the manufacturer ©ABUS
Service from your partner and the manufacturer Whether it's a lost key to your locking system or help with operating your video surveillance system - our local partners and our Technical Field Service are quick to help you out.
Unrestricted data security ©ABUS
Unrestricted data security ABUS products help you to ensure the security of sensitive data, as only authorised persons have access to rooms with data storage devices.
Area of application
  • Secure sensitive areas

    Vandalism in the outside or entrance area, theft in examination or office rooms - ABUS has made it its business to effectively protect sensitive areas from unauthorised access or potential perpetrators, with technology that is suitable for every area of application and effectively ensures greater security.

  • Entrance area

    A solid locking system with intelligent mechanics protects against attempts to break into the door. Can be flexibly extended with electronic access control, individual access rights that can be assigned to clearly regulate who gets access to the firm or office and when. Weatherproof video surveillance with tamper protection that starts recording when movements are detected in the entrance area deters potential perpetrators and allows individuals to be clearly identified.

  • Waiting and reception area

    If the reception is not manned or the waiting room is empty, perpetrators have an easy job: Data theft and thievery are the result - whether it's a revealing look at medical or client files, or the theft of medication from an unlocked cabinet - video surveillance provides certainty when something is missing and delivers solid evidence.

  • Treatment rooms and office spaces

    This is where the most valuable equipment such as PCs, scanners and printers or medical instruments are located. A high-quality locking system as well as additional security window lock and door security lock ensure optimum protection in these areas. It makes sense to combine mechanical and electronic burglary protection, in which mechatronic detectors reliably detect any attempted burglary and sound the alarm. In addition, there is the ability to install emergency call buttons with which the staff or the patients can quickly call for help in case of danger or if patients are unwell. In surgeries, emergency call buttons have proven their worth especially in recovery rooms, where patients feel safer thanks to the small chips.

  • Outdoor use

    Especially in winter, when it gets dark early, outdoor video surveillance increases the sense of security for staff and clients or patients. A monitored car park helps people to feel less alone and discourages vandalism.

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