Sicherungskarte © ABUS

Security card Protection against illegal key copying

The security card for the lock cylinder guarantees that only authorised persons are able to create copies of your keys.

This authorises the carrier to have an identical key cut and must be presented when doing so.

Do you actually know how many people have access to your home? 

Do you live in a rented flat? Or have you recently had construction work carried out and given your keys to the workmen? And you haven't replaced the door cylinder lock on your front door or flat door since you moved in?

Then you cannot say with certainty whether you are the only person who has a key. Right? We, on the other hand, are quite sure! Copied keys like that, which remain in circulation and no one can really say who has them, are more common than you think.

ABUS security card ©ABUS

If a key falls into the wrong hands, that is how illegally copied keys can find their way into circulation, which you, as the owner of the original key, don't find out about. This means you lose track of how many of your keys have been copied and which people can gain access to your building or flat.

One remedy for this is a cylinder lock with a security card. Your specialist retailer may only duplicate a key if you present them with the security card. This gives you the peace of mind that no illegal copies of your key can enter into circulation.

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