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Locking types Which doors does my key open?

Single-differ lock, keyed alike cylinders or key system?

When buying a new door cylinder, you often come across terms such as single-differ lock, keyed alike cylinders or even key system. But what is the difference between these locking types? You can find out everything you need to know about this and which option is right for you here.

With a single-differ lock, the key only locks on exactly one cylinder. Select this option if each lock cylinder is to be locked only with its corresponding key.

In the case of keyed alike cylinders, the key locks several cylinders that have the same coding. Cylinders of different construction types are possible.

Single-differ lock © ABUS
Single-differ lock
Keyed alike cylinders © ABUS
Keyed alike cylinders

This type of locking is often used in rented flats or on garage doors, for example.


Keyed alike cylinders are often used in single-family homes to lock the front door, the garage door, the letterbox and the padlock on the cellar with just one key.

With a key system in apartment buildings, you can conveniently control access rights
A key system consists of cylinders with different locking authorisations. Users can only open the doors to which they are authorised to access with their key.

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Locking plan for apartment building © ABUS

For example, every resident of a house can open the front door and the cellar with his or her own key, but the door to his or her own flat can only be unlocked with the appropriate key. A group key can also be set up for emergencies. All doors can be opened and closed with this.

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