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Cylinder exchange and maintenance Replace cylinder in no time at all

Learn how to easily replace, install and maintain your door cylinder.

It is not even necessary to remove the entire door lock. With our manual, replacing the cylinder is a breeze.

To replace a door cylinder, you must measure the correct size in advance.

Wie wird die Größe und Länge eines Türzylinders ermittelt? Nutzen Sie am besten eine Messlehre dafür!

The cylinder length is directly dependent on the door thickness plus fitting thickness. Many different cylinder lengths are available for you to choose from.

As a rule, these are extended in fixed steps of 5 mm per side. Measuring the two important cylinder dimensions(external and internal length) is very simple.

To do this, open the door and measure the length of the cylinder from the centre of the screw in both directions.

With these two measurements, you can then select the appropriate lock cylinder for your door. The cylinder length, for example, is specified like this:  35/40. On our product pages you will find the length range of a lock cylinder in the download area

It is important that the door cylinder must not protrude by more than 3 mm, otherwise the insurance cover may no longer be guaranteed in case of break-in. We also recommend a door fitting with pulling protection or an escutcheon plate for increased intrusion protection. In addition, door fittings with pulling protection or escutcheon plates from ABUS can compensate for a cylinder protrusion

Tip! Alternatively, you can use a set square to measure by holding it with the 0 point at the centre of the forend screw or a folding rule.

To replace a door cylinder, the fixing or forend screw of the cylinder must be loosened and removed. Then insert the key into your old cylinderto remove it and replace it with the new one. You can replace your lock cylinder yourself in no time at all:

  • Maintain the cylinder from time to time with ABUS grease-free lubricant care spray PS88. It is better not to use oil, which will gum up the door cylinder in the long run, as conventional oils are usually too greasy. 
  • Only use undamaged keys to unlock and lock the door. 
  • Never turn the key forcibly in the lock. 
  • Open the door with the door handle instead of pulling the turned key. 
  • It is recommended not to leave the key permanently in the lock. This puts a strain on the function of the door cylinder in the long term. 
Mit einem Pflegespray können Türzylinder sehr gut von Staub, Straßenschmutz und mehr gereinigt werden
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