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With its patent protection until 2030*, technical copy protection and brand protection, Bravus meets high security requirements. Thanks to the Intellitec system, Bravus reliably protects you from illegal key duplication and cylinder manipulation.

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With four different Bravus system levels, consistently equipped with the patented Intellitec system, Bravus offers endless design freedom for the most diverse locking system requirements.

The shapely, strong reversible key stands for the high quality of the locking system, which is 100 percent developed and manufactured in Germany. The patented Intellitec system in Bravus guarantees maximum security against illegal copying of the key (key copy protection) as well as manipulation of the cylinder. The Intellitec system offers a unique combination of patent protection until 2030*, unlimited trademark protection and the highest technical copy protection. By opting for the Bravus locking system, you keep all options open to expand the key system later on with electronic components.
The variant with the Pro Cap key cap offers a wide range of colours to emphasise individuality. Choose your favourite colour from nine shades. Thanks to the colour coding, the keys can be distinguished at first glance. This makes searching for keys a thing of the past.
* Patent pending, max. term 2030
Bravus Reversible key Pro Cap colour overview


  • Multi-access paracentric reversible key made of wear-resistant nickel silver, extra strong
  • Patent: Patent protection until 2030
  • High-quality locking system with up to 6 spring-loaded tumblers and 1 tumbler level
  • Copy protection: Intellitec system with multi-dimensional authorisation check


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
type of cylinder: Double cylinder
colour: nickel matt
emergency feature: Yes
fire resistance doors: Yes
Security card: Yes
reversable key: Yes
Drill protection: Yes
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