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The innovative Inspect unit inside the cylinder queries the locking authorisation on the key, preventing locking processes with illegal key copies. The modern, attractively shaped reversible key conveniently locks all doors.

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The Vela reversible key system was developed especially for homeowners and apartment construction.

The Inspect System also detects locking authorisations in the interior of the cylinders and on the key, so you can always feel safe at home. Use just one key to open all the doors of your house, for example your front door, apartment door, letter box, cellar and shed. It is also possible to set up individual locking authorisations for each user of the key system.
  • Made in Germany
Application example - Door cylinder Vela


  • Multi-access paracentric reversible key made of wear-resistant nickel silver
  • Patent: Patent protection until 2030
  • Modern locking system with up to 6 spring-loaded tumblers and 1 tumbler level
  • Copy protection: Inspect System

Operation and use

  • From single-family houses to small building complexes
  • Small key systems


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
type of cylinder: Double cylinder
colour: nickel matt
emergency feature: Yes
fire resistance doors: Yes
Security card: Yes
reversable key: Yes
Drill protection: Yes
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