Industrial padlocks Secure values

Reliable, corrosion-resistant, up to six tons pulling force, with label or engraving: With us you will find your padlock for every commercial use.

Padlocks in industry or in companies have to meet high requirements. They are designed to protect factory gates from being broken open in wind and weather, to keep opportunistic thieves away from tools and transporters, or to secure overseas containers reliably and consistently for many years in wind and weather.

Padlock finder

360° all-round protection with our Diskus padlocks © ABUS
The ConHasp GRANIT™ 215/100 reliably secures your containers © ABUS
Practical for securing sliding doors and gates: The DI142 hasp fits exactly on the Diskus padlock © ABUS
Field report by Romain Bruneau, manager of a rental service agency for containers


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