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Education and upbringing Protection for people and property

Security in educational and training institutions

It is necessary for both public and private educational institutions, including schools, universities, kindergartens, youth centers, and childcare facilities, to adhere to safety regulations mandated by local, state, and federal laws. These safety standards include protecting the buildings, fulfilling supervisory responsibilities, and ensuring the safety of both students and teachers. The institutions must take proactive measures to prevent violence, including extreme cases of rampages, as well as prevent property damage from theft, burglary, vandalism, or fires resulting from carelessness.

To address the growing need for increased security measures in schools for the safety of students, teachers, and parents, ABUS provides integrated security solutions that can be customized according to the size and specific security needs of the institution. These scalable systems are designed to provide a high level of security for both people and property.

Expert partners with industry experience ©ABUS
Expert partners with industry experience We have security experts in the areas of schools and day-care centers as well as universities and social institutions who are familiar with your industry and can provide you with competent advice on security technology.
Service from your partner and the manufacturer ©ABUS
Service from your partner and the manufacturer Our partners will help you to find the best solution for your facility and to plan it according to your ideas and implement it in accordance with the law. Whether it's lost keys to your key system or questions on how to use it – our local partners and Technical Field Service are quick to help you out.
Unrestricted security ©ABUS
Unrestricted security ABUS products meet the highest standards in terms of security so that only authorized persons have access to them.

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