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Three good reasons for occupational safety and health: life, health, capital.

With its professional Lockout/Tagout range, ABUS has developed a complete solution. This not only protects the employees in your team, it also gives you the opportunity to organize internal work processes in a targeted manner. Naturally, it all meets or even exceeds the statutory requirements.

In 2022, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited over 16,000 violations of the most commonly violated workplace safety standards in the United States. 

A moment of carelessness and being inattentive can lead to a work-related accident, resulting in serious injury or death. These accidents don’t happen on purpose and usually, it is not the fault of one individual. The result of such careless moments can be serious and costly. 

By integrating ABUS safety products and simple actions into the daily work routine, accidents can be prevented, and employees can be protected. 

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