Entdecken Sie die Möglichkeiten des organisierten Gruppen-Lockout © ABUS

Group lockout Group lockout clearly defined

Group lockout devices show at a glance which colleague is involved in the maintenance work and on which machine and in which machine area he or she is currently working.

Master key systems allow you to organize your group locking securely and clearly.

The principle of group lockout processes is to separate conventional personal identification locks (PIS) from the additional machine identification locks (MIS). The PIS are for every single employee and show which person is undertaking maintenance or repair work when hung up. The MIS are used to prevent reactivation of the energy supplies to the machines and installations.

If several people need to secure themselves at the same time, a multipoint locking makes sense. 

Choose the right one for your application from our various main switch locking made of steel, aluminum and plastic:

Multiple locking is useful for applications where you need to hang more than one padlock © ABUS

Thanks to the SAFETY REDBOX, during a group lockout each of the employees involved can lock the keys of the machine locks with their personal lock. 

This offers the advantage that they can see at a glance which employee is still working on the system.

The keys for unlocking the machine thus remain safely stowed away until the last employee removes his or her personal lock.


Clearly controlled group locking with our SAFETY REDBOX © ABUS

Standard procedures for safely switching off systems within businesses often involve permit-to-work documentation.

ABUS offers this with the B810 Permit Redbox in combination with the storage of the necessary machine and system locks. The new Permit Redbox combines precise system protection with the necessary protection of the release notes in the large, lockable viewing window.

MORE ABOUT the B810 Permit Redbox

We have taken the B810 Permit Redbox™ PERMIT-TO-WORK organisation a step further © ABUS
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