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Industry Safety – Lockout/Tagout Protect your employees

Three good reasons for occupational safety and health: life, health, capital.

With its professional Lockout/Tagout range, ABUS has developed a complete solution. This not only protects the employees in your team, it also gives you the opportunity to organise internal work processes in a targeted manner. Naturally, it all meets or even exceeds the statutory requirements.

In 2019, 507 occupational accidents with fatalities were recorded in Germany.*

Lockout/Tagout - Security solutions for industry

Although the rate reached a historic low at that number, it still means that there was one fatal accident every day and even two every other day. In addition, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) identified around 870,000 reportable occupational accidents for 2019, of which around 13,000 accidents were so serious that a permanent pension had to be paid.**

Nevertheless, these figures show a slight decrease compared to the previous year. Let’s work together to ensure that the numbers continue to decline in the years to come!
*Source: Statista, 2020, Number of occupational accidents resulting in death in Germany 1986 to 2019
**Source: German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), dguv.de

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