Personal safety Relaxed through everyday life

Being able to go through everyday life relaxed contributes a lot to personal well-being.

Our products support you in this. If you can prepare yourself for certain situations in which you feel unease or even fear, this has a positive effect on your well-being. Preparation causes you to be able to face such situations more calmly.

For good reason, therefore, you will find products for your personal safety with us. No matter whether you want to secure bags and suitcases with bungee sets and luggage straps, put the thief at the barbecue to flight with 100 decibels or protect yourself against wild boars or free-roaming dogs while jogging in the park.

Our lightweight SecLight aluminium LED torches bring light into the dark © ABUS
The alarmbox protects what you hold dear - e.g. the barbecue © ABUS
High visibility safety vests and reflectors from ABUS
Reflective through the dark

With our Reflective Wear collection, we set a bright highlight in terms of safety accessories.

In addition to vests for adults and children, the range also includes covers for satchels and backpacks as well as reflective tapes and additional lighting.

The integrated reflectors are a simple aid to significantly improve passive safety and additionally increase visibility in road traffic.

In addition, the outer material provides reliable protection from rain and wind.

You can simply clip the practical LED light onto your clothing thanks to a magnet © ABUS Here I go: With the Lumino reflective tape, you are clearly visible even with a backpack © ABUS
Finding your way in the dark:

Our flashlights fit comfortably in the hand, have energy-efficient LED lights and do not roll away.

What should not be missing in any household? That's right, a flashlight. Be it that the power goes out and you are in the dark or you spontaneously have to look for something in the craft basement.

Peace in the back seat - thanks to the red light function of the SecLight torch © ABUS Quickly switch the fuse back on - with the SecLight torch © ABUS Prepared for many eventualities - with the TLS500 penlight © ABUS Easy to attach to metallic objects thanks to the neodymium magnet © ABUS Our lightweight SecLight aluminium LED torches bring light into the dark © ABUS
Safe transport:

Whether you want to transport something in the trunk of your car or in the garden to help your heavily leaning weeping willow back to stability:

Our bungee set is very suitable to secure the items you want to bring from A to B.

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Always prepared and flexible - with the SB15 bungee set © ABUS The SB15 bungee set can help your trees regain their stability © ABUS Transport larger objects comfortably and safely - with the SB15 bungee set © ABUS
For carefree travel:

With our luggage strap you can additionally secure your luggage (and incidentally increase the recognition effect at baggage claim).

It is available in black, blue, red and green. You only need to remember a three-digit numerical code to open the luggage strap. You can enter your address in the integrated address label in case the luggage does get lost. And if you are traveling to the USA, the TSA cylinder ensures that customs officials can open the luggage strap with a special key - and your suitcase is then securely locked again without the luggage strap having to be damaged.

  • Individually adjustable, 3-digit numerical code
  • Including writable address label
  • Including opening indicator, which shows whether the luggage strap has been opened by means of a TSA key
Travel carefree - with the 620TSA luggage strap © ABUS Practical on every trip - the 620TSA luggage strap © ABUS Our 620TSA luggage strap with numerical code © ABUS
Universally applicable:

The Alarmbox is a box with many functions and applications.

It may not look like a circular saw, but it's just as loud: our alarm box. It's an effective deterrent to thieves.

Therefore, we recommend it as an additional security for your barbecue, garden tools, bicycle, e-scooter, trailer, construction site equipment and other mobile devices that you use at home and on the road. In combination with a chain lock or similar, our alarm box provides very good protection against theft.

  • Detects vibrations and minimal movements in all three dimensions
  • The alarm box alarms for 15 seconds at a volume of 100 decibels
  • The alarm box is fixed securely and non-slip with clamping straps
The alarm box protects what you hold dear - e.g. the barbecue © ABUS The alarm box protects what you hold dear - e.g. the barbecue © ABUS
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