SB 15 Universal Bungee Set

SB15 Bungee Set

The Universal Bungee Set can be used to secure and fasten objects at home and on the move, making it a flexible, high-quality item that is easy to use thanks to its Click-and-Lock system.

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Our universal bungee sets secure and fix objects in the house, garden and on the road in the car, camper van, on the bike or motorbike.

One set contains six bungees as well as nine hooks and a bag. Depending on the object that needs securing, the cable lengths and the attachments can be adjusted in such a way that it nearly always fits.
Application example – bungee rope as a clothesline Application example – bungee rope


  • Four strong main hooks with a steel core
  • Hooks can be changed easily and safely thanks to their screw-on mechanism
  • Maximum load: 40 kg per bungee
  • Set includes: 1x Y hook, 1x extension attachment, 1x cable grommet attachment and 2x safety hooks

Operation and use

  • Ideal for leisure activities and hobbies
  • Securing and fastening objects such as rolls of carpets, skis and other larger items
  • A variety of different bungee lengths and hooks mean that the set can be used for additional varied applications.


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colour: black
Weight: 518 g
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