Our lightweight aluminium SecLight LED torches bring light into the dark © ABUS

Torches Illuminated down to the smallest detail

Our flashlight series "SecLight" comes in four variants: Thanks to different sizes, light modes and areas of application, everyone will find the right luminous companion.

Decently bright: up to 300 meters of luminous range

In the dark just out with the dog, but around your home or on the walk round the streets are poorly lit? Then we recommend our flashlight series "SecLight". The LED lamps illuminate an area of up to 300 meters and have a large light cone at close range.

Strobe and red light function

Three of the four models are equipped with a practical strobe function: You can use the powerful strobe light to draw attention to yourself in the event of a nighttime accident or to scare off wild animals. The TL-525 and TL-517 models also feature a glare-free red light. Whether in a tent or on an overnight airplane trip: In red light mode, you can continue reading in a relaxed manner without blinding others with bright light. Do you have animal visitors in your garden at night? Then you can watch hedgehogs, rabbits and co. in peace from now on: Because they don't feel disturbed by the red light. 

Square handles provide stable handling

Practical feature for hobby, home and handicraft: The handles of the SecLights have a cuboid shaft. This prevents the flashlights from rolling off the table, hood or other smooth surfaces.

152 g - 740 g
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