Our mortise locks - for front doors, corridor doors, bathroom and WC © ABUS

Mortice locks The basis for the door cylinder

The basis for a functioning door lock: no door cylinder can be installed without a mortice lock.

Note: No door will lock without a mortice lock!

The mortice lock concealed in the door leaf is the basis for installing a door cylinder in a door. This is because the mortice lock contains the basic mechanisms for how a door works. Only with it can it be locked, unlocked, opened and closed. For front doors or apartment doors, mortise locks in stronger materials than for interior doors such as bedroom doors, living room doors, bathroom or kitchen doors are used for good burglary protection.

For example, we have self-locking mortice locks such as our TKZ40 in our product range, which have an anti-panic function and are suitable for both DIN-left and DIN-right doors. This allows you to open a locked house or apartment door from the inside, even if you don't have a key handy.

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