Security meets convenience: The Comfion wireless security system from ABUS stands for a good and secure feeling at home. © ABUS

Comfion wireless system Security meets convenience

Love your Home. Enjoy your Security

For a good and secure feeling at home - that's what Comfion stands for. The security system protects you and your family from dangers such as burglary, water and emergencies.

In the event of danger, you and, if you wish, a control centre will be alerted. Even if you are not at home. You always have everything in view via the app and can react quickly. In combination with surveillance cameras, which can also be accessed directly via the Comfion app, you not only receive alarm messages, but can also see what is happening directly via the camera.


The Comfion wireless system offers many options: you can also arm and disarm the system via the wAppLoxx door cylinder. © ABUS
The Comfion wireless security system from ABUS consists of an intelligent selection of security components. © ABUS
The components of the Comfion security system are complemented by an intuitive app. © ABUS
Our product highlights:
The products in use

Comfion Outdoor siren

In the event of an alarm, the siren sounds loudly and clearly outdoors. At 105 dB, it warns acoustically and visually with a red flashing light.

FaceXess Video door station with face recognition

Convenient disarming of your Comfion system directly at the entrance! Our video door intercom with face recognition offers a minimalist solution for every home. Simply deactivate the alarm system and open the door using face recognition - forgetting your keys is a thing of the past. Discover the convenient integration of this doorbell system into your everyday life!

Comfion Remote control

Simply arm and disarm your security system at the door. Individual buttons can be customised, for example as an emergency call button for senior citizens.

Comfion Wireless socket

Control lamps or switch on the coffee machine - all at the touch of a button and in customised scenarios. You can also find out the current power consumption for maximum efficiency.

Comfion Heating thermostat

Optimise comfort and energy efficiency with intelligent thermostats! Simply set the desired room temperature and time - our thermostat will do the rest for you. Save energy and always enjoy the ideal room temperature.

Comfion Indoor siren

In the event of an alarm, the indoor siren provides immediate clarity about the situation with clear voice messages - whether it is water damage or a break-in. Also integrated: a thermometer/hygrometer so that you can always keep an eye on the air quality in your home.


Comfion Motion detector with camera

The motion detector with integrated camera not only reports unauthorised access, but also saves snapshots of the situation. With the option of deactivating the camera via the app, you retain control over your privacy when you are at home.

Professional Line Video surveillance

Maximum security at a glance! Our intelligent outdoor surveillance cameras keep an eye on your home and warn you immediately in the event of unauthorised entry. With 2-way audio cameras, you can even communicate directly with potential intruders via the app. All video recordings are securely stored in the control centre.

wAppLoxx Access control

Allow trusted people to access your home by opening the door when you are out and about. The wAppLoxx cylinder also makes it easy to activate and deactivate the security system directly at the door to avoid false alarms.

Comfion Waterleak detector

Protect your home from unexpected water damage caused by leaking water from your washing machine or dishwasher. The reliable water detector from ABUS reliably detects and reports water.

Comfion Centre and control unit

The control centre is the heart of the system. This is where all information and actions come together and are analysed. The control panel is used to arm and disarm the security system indoors. The control panel has a proximity sensor, so it only lights up when a person approaches.

Comfion Wireless door contact

The wireless door detector not only monitors window openings, but also detects vibrations for enhanced protection. With a wire input for the integration of glass breakage detectors, it offers flexible security solutions for your home.

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