Protect the ones you love – install CO alarms © ABUS

Gas alarm Early warning!

A defective heating system, a broken pipe – and the concentrations of natural gas, carbon monoxide and co. in the air can rise significantly. ABUS hazard detectors provide early warning!

Set up hazard alarms and save your life and that of your loved ones. Such detectors notice at an early stage whether there is escaping gas in the room.

With our CO2 detector AirSecure you don't give bad air a chance - and prevent consequences such as headaches, malaise or nausea. This is because an increased concentration of aerosols and thus the risk of infection in rooms can result from poor air quality.

Gas detector
Anything that produces electrical sparks or flames could lead to an explosion in the event of a gas leak. If the pipe is defective or the heating system is broken. If the pipe is defective or the heating system is broken, all it takes is flicking the light switch or making a mobile phone call – and the gas explodes. So we recommend installing our gas detector.

CO detector
Carbon monoxide, known as CO for short, is a toxic gas, which cannot be seen, tasted or smelt. The CO alarm from ABUS provides ample warning: if the concentration of carbon monoxide in a room increases significantly above the normal level, it triggers a loud warning alarm. This is how the carbon monoxide alarm from ABUS saves lives, because a high CO concentration can lead to death within a few minutes.

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