Smart door lock drive LOXERIS One in white with ABUS One app © ABUS


You can open your front door with just one touch – without a key: with the LOXERIS One, your smartphone is all you need.

  • Smart operation
  • Simple installation
  • Proven security

With our smart door lock drive (Smart Lock) and the free app, you can bring convenience to your door. Here you can find out which functions the LOXERIS One offers you and which accessories can be connected.

Einfach Swipen und die Tür öffnet sich – mit dem smarten Türöffner LOXERIS One © ABUS

Want to arrive home as conveniently as possible? Why don't you just let the LOXERIS One open the door for you?

If you often forget your keys but always have your smartphone or smartwatch with you, you will be excited by what the smart drive offers. Being locked out and carrying a large bunch of keys are a thing of the past – today the smartphone is the front door key.

    The LOXERIS One is compatible with all doors that have a Euro profile cylinder. It is not necessary to replace the lock cylinder. Only one key remains permanently in the door cylinder to ensure the functionality of the Smart Lock.
    Can be installed as required without drilling: to do this, either attach the LOXERIS One to the inside of your door lock using the mounting plate supplied or glue it in place – the decision is yours. As the Smart Lock is battery-operated, there is no need to lay cables.
    Keys are a thing of the past. With this Smart Lock, you can open and lock the door lock on your front door with just one touch in the ABUS One app – conveniently, quickly and easily.
    One touch is enough to open your door: the LOXERIS One ensures that you can gain access quickly and easily. Convenient for situations in which you don't have a hand free for the flat or house key or when you are in a hurry.
    The LOXERIS One gives you control over who has access to your home and for how long. For example, you can grant temporary or permanent access to your family, friends, tradespeople, cleaning staff or guests.
    Decide for yourself whether and at what time you want your door to lock automatically. Would you like extra security at night? Then let the Smart Lock lock your door automatically between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. every day, for example.
    LOXERIS One not only offers convenience, but also security: with the proven ABUS SmartX™ technology, the Bluetooth® communication between your input device and the Smart Lock is additionally encrypted – 100% Made in Germany.

More about the smart door lock drive

The BRIDGE One integrates your LOXERIS One into your Wi-Fi network and thus creates new operating options.

Now you can also control the door lock drive remotely, integrate it into existing smart home systems and link it to voice assistants. In the event log, you can also see when someone comes home while you are out and about.

Discover Bridge One

The LOXERIS One smart door lock drive in white and the BRIDGE One in white © ABUS

With the high-quality accessories, you can realise the full potential of your LOXERIS One and expand its operating options. This Smart Lock is compatible with all ABUS HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® (CFA3100) accessories.

With the remote control, a single click is all it takes to open or lock your door. The finger scanner turns your fingerprint into a key, while the keypad allows you to use a personalised code to control the lock mechanism on your front door.

Even people without a smartphone can unlock the front door effortlessly – provided you have given them the appropriate access permission.

Smart door opener LOXERIS in white with ABUS One app on smartphone and smartwatch, finger scanner, keypad and remote control © ABUS
Can be combined with the LOXERIS One:

Make your everyday life easier with the smart ABUS One products: Store and share your keys conveniently and securely with the KEYGARAGE™ One – also ideal for holiday accommodation. Secure your bike with the smart folding lock BORDO™ One 6000A with alarm or protect your motorbike from unauthorised access with the GRANIT™ 8078 2.0 DETECTO One. Your smartphone acts as a key: always with you, quick to find and easy to use thanks to the app.

Works with ABUS One
All keys in one app: discover the ABUS One system and make your life smart © ABUS

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