HomeTec Pro Bluetooth®-Keypad CFT3100 white HomeTec Pro Bluetooth®-Keypad CFT3100 white HomeTec Pro Bluetooth®-Keypad CFT3100 white

HomeTec Pro CFT3100

Using the Bluetooth® keypad, all you have to do is enter the pre-set code and the door is unlocked.

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In addition to a smartphone, the numeric keypad is a practical option for controlling the electronic drives from ABUS.
The keypad has a backlit display with a high-quality touch surface. It is quick and easy to install. As the keypad is battery-operated, there is no need to lay any cables.
The HomeTec PRO CFT 3100 is compatible with: HomeTec Pro CFA3100, WINTECTO One, LOXERIS One.
  • Made in Germany
Application example – HomeTec Pro Bluetooth®-Keypad CFT3100 white


  • Backlight display with high-quality touch surface
  • Straightforward, flexible and cable-free installation
  • Maximum security through AES-128-bit encryption and ABUS Keycard
  • Bluetooth® wireless standard
  • Power supply by battery (4 x AA batteries included)
  • The door lock drive HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® CFA3100 is required

Operation and use

  • Optional accessory for controlling HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® CFA3100, WINTECTO One, LOXERIS One
  • Lock and unlock doors by entering a code
  • Enables access authorisations to be granted


  • Colours: silver, white


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colour: white
Weight: 147 g
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Radio networked: Yes
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