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Household & Kitchen Childproof household and kitchen

In order for young children to be able to explore their home without worries, potential sources of danger should always be well secured - because most accidents do not happen outside on the street, but at home.

Small and large accidents are inevitable in everyday life as a family with children. We have summarised the main danger zones around the household and kitchen and explain how you can protect your little ones with our child safety devices - without having to have your eyes everywhere all the time.

Prevent burns

"Caution, hot!" Burns and scalds that require medical treatment may happen at temperatures as low as 45 degrees. With our fuses for the oven and hob, you can prevent burnt fingers or prying hands on the hob: The adhesive mechanism is easy to install - without drilling or screwing. 
A fireplace provides cosy warmth and flickers cheerfully: It is clear that it is particularly inviting for babies and toddlers. Our fireplace guard ensures that your "mini-me" only watches the fireplace - and from a safe distance. 

Take precautions

In addition to our child safety devices, these everyday tips will help protect your kids from burns:

  • Always keep lighters and such out of the reach of children
  • Do not use tablecloths or runners that could be pulled down
  • Keep the steaming teapot or hot coffee cup far away from the edge of the table
  • Place kitchen appliance and kettle cords so that children cannot pull on them 
  • Do not allow water at maximum temperature to run into the bathtub
  • Invest in preventive fire protection

Protect sockets

Stretch a little, stand on your toes or crawl into the corner - and the strange white things with the holes in them are within easy reach. Protect your children from electric shocks with a socket protector. The models from ABUS can be installed without gluing or screwing: simply click them in and your sockets will be locked away from curious children's hands.  

Preventing poisoning

Parents may smile about a mud cake, but if the soil from the flower pot ends up in the child's mouth, there is a risk of poisoning - especially if fertiliser or special soil is involved. Our flower pot grid protects against such moments of terror. Plants near the ground or within reach of children should also be non-toxic. This is because poisonous plants, along with medicines and cleaning agents, are among the most common causes of poisoning in children. Immediately alert the emergency services if poisoning is suspected.

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