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ABUS IP cameras protect your property and support you in your daily business with intelligent image analysis.

This means you don't always have to have a direct view of your commercial space. For example, if a person enters a specified area, an alarm is triggered as a pop-up or sound.

This allows service staff to serve customers immediately or security staff to intervene directly in the event of conspicuous behaviour.

The answer is simple: The helmeted gecko is the only vertebrate species that can also see in colour at night. This is thanks to its extremely light-sensitive eyes: they are about 350 times more sensitive to light than the human eye.

And so are our Gecko models: they need just 0.0005 lx (lux) to still be able to distinguish colours at night. By comparison: on a new moon night, the light conditions are at least 0.1 lx.

Mit der neuen IPCB/IPCS-Range profitieren Sie von erweiterten AI- und optischen Funktionen. Sie bieten die optimale IP-Kamera für jede Anforderung im professionellen Überwachungsbereich.

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