Safety locks send a message: "This area of the machine is blocked from access." © ABUS

Safety locks Clearly regulate access

Safety locks in the field of occupational health and safety or lockout/tagout are an important component in protecting the life and health of employees.

Transparency and ruling out confusion as well as clearly regulated access: In industrial plants in particular, where work is carried out on large machines, it is immensely important to communicate clearly and with few means – to protect the health and lives of your employees.

Depending on the application, our safety locks can be clearly assigned by means of different colour Selections, engravings, labels etc. Key retaining function – where the key can only be removed when the padlock is actually locked – this rules out unauthorised acces in case of machine maintenance. Because only a fully closed lock is truly secure!

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Bracket diameter d
6 mm - 7 mm
106 g - 160 g
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