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Especially for customers from industry and commerce, high-quality padlocks are worthwhile. After all, industrial sites are often home to possessions that are worth securing.

Machines, tools, raw materials or processed products, storage of products of any kind, means of transport such as pallets and much more: On an industrial site there are often high-value objects that need to be protected against theft and vandalism.

Our Granit padlocks are among the most secure locks in the world. They withstand all weather conditions and can easily remain in use for decades. We therefore recommend them especially for our customers in industry and commerce. They are regularly ranked in high classes in the European CEN standards. They were developed based on the specifications of Swedish insurance companies, which are known for their high standards.

In addition, all Granit padlocks can be supplied with a security card on request. This means that you can prevent illegal key copies from circulating and duplicate keys from falling into unauthorised hands.

including security card
Keyed Alike
325 g - 1060 g
Security Level
Bracket diameter d
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