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Security solutions in the real estate industry

Reliable security technology is at the heart of every condominium complex and office building. It must function 100%, because owners, tenants and users have to rely on their safety in the building. For decades, ABUS has been equipping both private and commercial properties worldwide with security technology. The best part: Only ABUS offers solutions that integrate mechanical and electronic security into one system - from key systems and alarm technology to video surveillance and access control.

When selecting a security system, cost-effectiveness is an important factor

Our quality products offer you especially good value for money for your property. Beyond the product, our broad network of qualified partners ensures detailed on-site advice as well as reliable and lasting service, even after installation.

Award-winning ABUS brand ©ABUS
Excellent ABUS brand Our products enjoy a global reputation, are awarded prizes and receive the most important certificates, such as VdS and VSÖ.
Industry expertise of our partners ©ABUS
Industry expertise of our partners For the real estate industry, we have a network of security professionals who know their way around your industry.
Service from your partner and the manufacturer ©ABUS
Service from manufacturers and partners Whether it's a lost key to your locking system or help with operating your video surveillance system - our local partners and our Technical Field Service are quick to help you out.
All important products from one supplier ©ABUS
All important products from one supplier This gives you cost advantages in purchasing, installation/service, simple expansion and combination options and, with our partner, an expert who understands your individual security concept for your property - whether it's an apartment building, residential complex, office complex or underground car park.
Area of application
  • Secure sensitive areas

    In residential complexes, office building complexes, public facilities, shops as well as multi-storey and underground car parks, good locking systems and high-quality mechanical security systems are an indispensable component for the security of residents, employees, customers, guests and visitors. According to unofficial studies, private and commercial properties also experience far fewer burglaries, vandalism and violent crimes when they are additionally protected with visible alarm and video surveillance technology.

  • Outdoor facilities

    Outside, company or private property such as flower tubs, letterboxes, furniture, decorations, signs or stands are often unattended and unsecured. Drunks or hooligans often find an outlet for their aggression in these items - so it’s up to you to protect your property and that of residents or tenants.

  • entrance areas

    Self-locking locks with anti-panic function integrated into the key system, an access control system with flexible access rights and well-positioned cameras to identify the faces that enter and leave your premises every day: ABUS security technology gives the people who live or work with you the nice feeling that they're not alone. They keep control over who enters and leaves the building and can show accurate recordings of suspicious persons in case of incidents.

  • Common rooms

    In office buildings or in commercially used properties in general, staff and visitors should feel equally safe and comfortable. In common rooms, however, dangers such as rioters or thieves sometimes await. Optimise security precautions in these sensitive areas and in return save costs for the removal of property damage such as graffiti on building walls and destruction or theft of objects.

  • Staircases, corridors and lifts

    With a key system, you ensure that only authorised persons gain access to the building. Especially at night, this keeps uninvited visitors away from the stairwell, the corridors, public toilets or the lifts. Video surveillance installed at entrances and exits as well as in private green areas also allows security personnel to always see who is currently in the individual areas of your residential or commercial complex and to call for help in the event of a crime or even a medical emergency.

  • Sanitary facilities

    Acts of violence, assaults and drug-related crime often take place around sanitation facilities. Prevent your residential complex or commercial complex from becoming places of poor hygiene or wanton destruction and address these security risks with effective technology.

Product solutions

Arming/disarming an alarm system via app, switching video surveillance on/off online and easily accessing the log for this on your smartphone - the specialist can implement such product solutions for you with ABUS products.

Key systems, locking systems and access control

We know one thing from experience: when it comes to securing condominium complexes, apartment buildings, office spaces or commercial facilities, it's all about reliable function and simple operation that can be easily integrated into everyday life. That is why we focus on quality, functionality and intuitive operation from the outset when developing and installing our products. Our specialist security partners offer you custom-fit solutions for your desired security concept with our products.

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