Cellar grate locks Secure basement and light well

Up through the cellar into the living room? To prevent burglars from entering your home, it's better to secure cellar shafts and light wells.

Because what you saw in the last Sunday thriller, you certainly do not want to experience yourself. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should protect your house from the basement to the roof. Grating locks protect cellar shafts and light shafts from being pried open.

Our grating safety devices are not only suitable for single-family houses. They are also suitable if you live in an apartment building or a block of flats where escape route regulations must be observed.

Protection for the cellar shaft © ABUS
Effective protection for the cellar shaft - with the grating protection GS40 © ABUS
Simply protect the cellar shaft - with our grating protectors © ABUS
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