Window grilles - secure your basement and ground floor windows © ABUS

Window grille For basement and cellar

Unsecured basement windows are almost an invitation for any burglar. In case they are also located a little bit more hidden, the burglar can calmly enter your office building without being detected.

Windows in the basement, cellar or basement are the main target of burglars, as well as windows on the second floor or first floor. They are usually very easy to reach only by using a garbage can or bucket to stand on, without any special tools. And in office buildings, doctors' offices, law firms, companies and more, there are usually high values for which burglary is worthwhile: computer monitors, notebooks, documents, works of art such as paintings, sculptures, graphics and much more, which can be easily sold on the black market or as stolen goods under the table.

Window grilles ensure that these windows, which are located in the basement, can no longer be easily broken into.

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