Smart and secure: WINTECTO One turns your patio door into a second entrance © ABUS

WINTECTO™ One window drive More than just a patio door

Every patio door has the potential of a real entrance door. The WINTECTO One smart window drive transforms your patio door into a fully-fledged entrance to the house.

  • Smart to operate
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Uncompromisingly safe

Practical for anyone who wants to enter the house quickly and easily through the patio door. Can be controlled via smartphone and smartwatch using the ABUS One app and is extremely easy to install without leaving a trace - also suitable for rental properties.

The plus in comfort

Smarter Fensterantrieb WINTECTO One in weiß – praktisch für alle Hundebesitzer © ABUS

See for yourself the wide range of possible applications for our smart ABUS patio door opener:

Practical when you need to get in and out of the garden quickly with the dog. Or if you want to enter your home through the back entrance with your shopping bags and only one free hand. Even if the children want to come back into the house from playing in the garden while you are working in the attic, opening the patio door with WINTECTO One is just a finger movement away.

  • Intuitively controllable  
    With WINTECTO One, you can open your patio door with just the touch of a finger in the app on your smartphone or smartwatch - alternatively by remote control, finger scan or code entry on the keypad. Compatible with the ABUS HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® accessories.
  • Integrated alarm function 
    WINTECTO One is easy to retrofit, turns your back door into a clever entrance to the house and offers additional security. The integrated alarm function guards your patio door and scares off potential burglars with a volume of 110 dB as soon as they attempt to break in.
  • Maximum security
    The proven ABUS SmartX technology secures the communication between the app and the WINTECTO One. The AES 128-bit encryption used meets the highest security standards. With the individual ABUS keycard of your WINTECTO One, only you can be authenticated as an authorized admin. Your security comes first.
  • Simple assembly & disassembly
    Simply remove the window handle, attach WINTECTO One and screw it on - without drilling or pulling cables.* The smart window/door drive is also suitable for rented apartments or houses: When you move out, simply remove it without leaving a trace and take it with you to your new home. 
    * For optional mounting of the magnet, we recommend fastening with screws.
  • Wireless power supply
    WINTECTO One does not require a power connection as it is powered by six long-life AA batteries, which you will find enclosed in the sales packaging. The smart patio door drive reports a low charge early enough so that there is enough time to change the batteries.

More about the smart window drive


With our high-quality Accessories you can unleash the full potential of your WINTECTO One and expand its functions. The smart window drive is compatible with all ABUS HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® accessories (CFA3100). Whether you use the practical remote control, the user-friendly keyboard or the convenient finger scanner, even users without a smartphone can use it to open the patio door effortlessly - provided you have given them the appropriate authorization.

If you still want more security we offer you the option of upgrading your WINTECTO One with a retrofit set and a bar set. This gives you a security variant with increased mechanical burglar resistance. Please note that we recommend a specialist dealer for the installation to ensure that everything is installed professionally and reliably. Our dealer locator will help you find a Specialist retailer near you.

Stell dir dein WINTECTO System flexibel zusammen: mit Fingerscanner, Tastatur, Smartwatch oder Fernbedienung © ABUS
Can be combined with the WINTECTO One:

The ABUS One app is your digital key to our smart security products. You can use it to secure your e-bike without a key by using the alarm-protected BORDO One 6500A folding lock. Or you can lock and unlock your bike with the GRANIT™ Detecto SmartX 8078. And if you don't want to use your lock alone, that's no problem either. You can simply share access with others. After all, almost everyone has a smartphone with them these days, and therefore the potential to have a digital key.

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Works with ABUS One
All keys in one app: discover the ABUS One system and make your life smart © ABUS
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