Open the patio door by entering a code? HomeTec Pro makes it possible © ABUS

Patio door operator HomeTec Pro The clever door into the house

In every patio door is a real door.

Convenient for joggers, frequent shoppers, or if you have to take the dog for walkies: HomeTec Pro makes it possible for you to lock your patio door by remote control or code entry.

You can lock and open your patio door from the outside with our HomeTec Pro FCA/FSA. This turns it into a full-fledged second entrance, including an alarm function that sends burglars fleeing with a volume of 110 decibels. Installation is extremely simple: remove the door handle, attach the HomeTec Pro, screw it on, and you're done. Without cables and drilling. It's also practical if you live in a rented apartment and want to take the patio door operator with you when you move. And have to retrofit it. 

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