Lockable window handles also increase child safety © ABUS

Lockable window handles Window closed – lock closed

Lockable window handles for inward opening windows

A lockable window handle has two important functions: On the one hand, it ensures that children cannot easily open a window. On the other hand, it keeps burglars out.

For parents, a lockable window handle is a sensible thing to have. Because this gives you control over which windows your children can open. As these handles are available keyed alike, you only need one key to unlock all window handles. So you can equip every floor with our window handles if you like, without having to carry around a huge, rattling bunch of keys.

Some window handles, e.g. our FG210, can be installed universally. The square pin can be adjusted to fit any window. It is also particularly easy to assemble.

Lockable window handle FG300A with alarm

The FG300A reacts with a shrill alarm when a break-in is attempted and loudly beats the burglar to flight with 110 decibels.

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