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Full control: Your windows can be reliably protected from children's hands and burglars with this lockable window handle.

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Whether as a childproof safety catch or break-in protection: This window handle can be used universally.
Your windows should always be reliably secured. Whether it's to protect your children or ward off criminals. You can bet on this lockable handle. The window handle can be mounted on aluminium, plastic or wooden windows. By means of a push button cylinder and reversible key, it closes securely, even when the window is tilted. The window handle is mounted instead of the conventional handle.
Application example - FG210


  • Individually adjustable, secured bolt, 28–44 mm long
  • 7 mm square bolt, distance of screws 43 mm
  • Also lockable in tilt position
  • Push button cylinder with reversible key
  • Includes one key, triple version includes three keys

Operation and use

  • Can be used on standard inward opening windows in place of the window handle
  • Also suitable as a child-proof lock
  • The handle is locked by pushing in the cylinder, open with the key


  • Finishes: white, silver


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
door guard: No
Locking type: key
alarm function: No
Weight: 248 g
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
type of cylinder: Pressure cylinder
colour: white
Window type: Double casement window, Balcony door / patio door, Basement window, Single casement window
Security Level Home Security: 3
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