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Wholesale and retail

Wholesale and retail security

In both wholesale and retail, burglary, theft, cash register fraud and damage to property are commonplace. Every year, the German retail sector alone suffers losses of over 3.9 billion Euros due to theft and inventory discrepancies, even though retailers invest around 1.3 billion euros in technology and personnel to protect their goods from theft. The causes: According to retail experts, a large part is due to shoplifting by customers, followed by dishonest employees, suppliers and service staff (source: EHI 2014). In addition, retail is also repeatedly the victim of assault, even as far as threats or blackmail. In addition to the material damage, all this usually leaves behind painful memories and psychological wounds for the workers. The decision to protect against these risks with security technology is the logical consequence for greater employee protection and against ever increasing losses of goods. Because security technology deters and prevents both casual theft and worse dangers for employees.

Individual security solutions for your business
ABUS offers integrated security solutions for break-in protection, access control, alarm and video surveillance technology that can be flexibly integrated into your business and scaled completely based on your individual security needs. If the shop or storage area is expanded, for example, ABUS systems can be extended at any time and thus grow with your requirements.

Excellent brand quality ©ABUS
Excellent brand quality Our products regularly win awards and receive the most important certificates, such as VdS and VSÖ. By installing tested quality products, a reduction in insurance premiums is therefore also possible in many cases - ask your insurance representative.
Expert partners with industry experience ©ABUS
Expert partners with industry experience Contact us. We’ll put you in touch with security experts who are well versed in wholesale and retail security technology and available on site to give you competent advice.
All important products from one source ©ABUS
All important products from one source Being able to put together your entire security concept with ABUS gives you cost advantages in purchasing, installation and service, and you benefit from simple expansion and combination options and, with our partner, an expert who understands your individual security concept, at your side.
Service from your partner and the manufacturer ©ABUS
Service from your partner and the manufacturer For daily questions and problems such as lost keys to your locking system or specific application questions, our partners on site and our Technical Field Service are quick to help you.
Unrestricted data security ©ABUS
Unrestricted data security ABUS products help you to ensure the security of sensitive data, as only authorised persons have access to rooms with data storage devices.
Area of application
  • Secure your business without any gaps

    Vandalism in the outside or entrance area, theft in the sales or storage rooms - ABUS has made it its business to effectively protect all areas from thieves, potential hooligans and troublemakers: With technology that is suitable for every area of application, provides seamless security and puts dishonest people / customers and employees in their place - your inventory figures will show you.

  • Outdoor use

    Safety starts right outside the door. Especially in winter, when it gets dark early, video security in the outdoor area increases the sense of security for everyone involved. A monitored car park deters potential offenders at an early stage and helps staff and passers-by to feel less alone. The entrance area, the shop window and the loading areas in front of the warehouse are just as much part of the property as the rooms inside. For this reason, you should also rely on professional video surveillance outdoors to combat and prevent acts of violence, theft or vandalism.

  • Entrance area

    A solid mechanical key system protects against burglary attempts at entrances. Can be flexibly extended with electronic access control, individual access rights that can be assigned to clearly regulate who gets access to the building and when. Weatherproof video surveillance with tamper protection that starts recording when movements are detected in the entrance area deters potential perpetrators and allows individuals to be clearly identified. Another plus point of video surveillance: By evaluating video image data, you get a better overview of peak times in your shop and can thus optimise your staff planning.

  • Theft and break-in protection in the sales area

    This is the area where thieves usually strike, so this is where the focus of video surveillance should be installed. Remember: Shoplifters mainly steal small and expensive products such as cosmetics, perfume and razor blades as well as DVDs and CDs. But even in wholesale markets, thieves come up with plenty of ideas to steal even larger goods. Seamless perimeter protection on windows and doors helps keep out burglars - both mechanical and electronic security devices as well as a combination of both provide secure protection against unauthorised entry.

  • Protection against robberies in the checkout area

    The checkout area is the last checkpoint where shop detectives watch whether customers put all the goods they are carrying on the conveyor belt. The fact that almost 18 per cent of all product loss occurs in this area (Source: shows, among other things, that this is no easy task. Especially when there is a high volume of customers, surveillance cameras take the weight off the security staff who, due to the right to privacy, are not entitled to ask customers to open their personal bags. In addition, potential misconduct by employees can be detected, but most importantly their protection can be improved. This is because employees working at cash registers and in cash rooms as well as company cash messengers are even more exposed to the risk of robbery - and this does not only apply to jewellers, but also to petrol stations, drugstores and grocery shops. Usually the perpetrators strike shortly before or after closing time and are prepared to use force - even if there are only a few hundred Euros in the till (Source: GfP mbH). Especially here, it is worthwhile for shop owners to invest in high-quality security technology. Because today, non-functional dummy cameras are easily recognised even by opportunity criminals. The highly visible sign of video security deters perpetrators and high-resolution IP cameras help to identify perpetrators after the fact. An emergency call button gives employees the additional option of calling for help quickly and easily in an emergency. In addition, it is advisable to take structural, technical and organisational measures to preventively guard against robberies. Behavioural training helps employees to react correctly in the event of an assault. The HDE (German Retail Association) has compiled important tips for retail businesses on how shop owners can prevent robberies and help those affected afterwards.

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