Stop water! Intervene in plenty of time in the event of damage - with our flood alarm © ABUS

Flood alarm Stop water!

Burst pipes are the number one cause of water damage in houses and flats.

Heat, cold and age usually take their toll on pipes. But overflowing bathtubs, washbasins or broken washing machines or dishwashers can also cause flooding in your own four walls.

Anyone who has already experienced this knows that the consequential damage can be immense. It’s not just that all the furniture and other items may have to be replaced. When intangible valuables such as the already yellowed photo album of loved ones, CDs, computers with important information or mum's heirloom jewellery are lost, this often feels like even more of a loss. Some flats or houses are also inhabitable for a while, as the damage has to be repaired first.

Our flood alarms warn you even in the event of minor flooding so that you can intervene in time and prevent the situation from getting worse.

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