Schlicht und aufgeräumt – das Feuerstopp Spray stellt man sich doch gerne in die Küche © ABUS

Fire extinguishing spray Extinguish fire quickly

ABUS fire extinguishing spray "Feuerstopp" and our fire blanket - quick, easy and safe

A forgotten candle, a cigarette, a barbecue left out of sight or a hot pot of cooking fat can quickly start a fire. This can lead to considerable damage or even a life-threatening situation! What starts as a small fire can become a major hazard within fractions of a second. If you allow too much time to pass, you usually have no chance of fighting the fire safely.

Zuverlässig kleine Entstehungsbrände löschen – mit unserer Löschdecke © ABUS

Fire blanket Fire blanket on & fire out

Smothering and extinguishing incipient fires
Nip small grease fires in the kitchen or burning clothes on people in the bud: Simply pull the extinguishing blanket out of the bag and it unfolds automatically.

How does it work?
Place the blanket on the source of the fire and use it to extinguish the fire effectively and in just a few moments. This also works if a person's clothes have caught fire.

Please note:
The fire blanket can only be used once.
Please replace the blanket with a new one after use.

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