HomeTec Pro - Open front doors at the touch of a button © ABUS

HomeTec Pro door lock drive Radio or Bluetooth®

Your advantages: HomeTec Pro door lock drives © ABUS

Your advantages

What advantages does the HomeTec Pro electronic door lock offer you? 

  • When you unlock the door contactless and "key-free," so to speak, it automatically springs open a little. You have only to enter. Especially convenient when you do not have a hand free. 
  • You can assign access authorizations to artisans, cleaners, or care personnel for a certain period. 
  • No special cylinder is required, so you can usually have HomeTec Pro installed with no problems. 

HomeTec Pro - Open front doors at the touch of a button © ABUS
HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® - the smart door lock that you can operate by app © ABUS
Set your finger on it and the front door springs open: With the HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® finger scanner, you can open your front door without a key © ABUS
Open front doors at the touch of a button - with the HomeTec Pro © ABUS

With our Bluetooth® series*, HomeTec Pro becomes smart!

Besides the tried and tested features such as opening the front door via keypad and remote control, you can now unlock your home via an app. And thanks to the finger scanner, you are even more independent. 

  • Conveniently open door via app or fingerprint
  • Wi-Fi bridge: control access from anywhere

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The HomeTec Pro door lock becomes smart: With the Bluetooth series, you can unlock the door via app

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HomeTec Pro - Made in Germany © ABUS

HomeTec Pro Radio 
The 3000 series
With our classic HomeTec Pro, you open and lock doors by entering a code on a keypad or by radio remote control. 

HomeTec Pro Bluetooth®
The 3100 series
With our HomeTec Pro Bluetooth® you can also open doors via a smartphone app and finger scanner in addition to the keypad and remote control. 

Please note:  The two systems are not compatible with each other. If you decide on a system, only the respective accessories are suitable. 

Practical, simple, key-free: With the HomeTec Pro radio door lock drive, you can unlock, open and lock house and flat doors by remote control or by entering a code on a keypad

  • Controllable via radio remote control and wireless keypad 
  • Assign different access authorisations, for example for family members, cleaning staff or other groups of people 

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Open the front door simply with the touch of a button - with the HomeTec Pro © ABUS

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