Mortice lock EFS PZ L Z 65 72 24


Robust mortice lock with high-quality silent latch for use in steel doors and fire doors

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The mortice lock EFS PZ with effective silent latch ensures security and low-noise latching of steel and fire doors.

This mortice lock provides a high level of security with its zinc-plated steel bolt. It has been tested in accordance with DIN 12209:2004 and is therefore suitable for use in fire doors. The latch, which is made of metal and has a high-quality plastic core, snaps shut quietly when the door is closed. The door can then be locked using a key or knob - depending on which lock cylinder you use. The double turn bolt throw is 11 mm, or 22 mm after turning the key the second time. The MPA tested and monitored lock combines the aspects of security and convenience through the high material quality of all product parts as well as the noise-reducing silent latch. The EFS PZ is available for DIN-left and DIN-right doors. The distance measurement is 72 mm, the backset 65 mm and the width of the zinc-plated steel forend 24 mm.
  • Made in Germany


  • tested according to DIN 12209:2004
  • Silent latch made of metal with high-quality plastic core to reduce noise when closing
  • Latch throw 12mm
  • Steel bolt, zinc-plated
  • Bolt throw 11 / 22 mm (two turns)
  • Zinc-plated sheet steel lock case
  • MPA tested and monitored
  • Lock body 165 x 98mm
  • Steel forend 24 x 235mm, zinc-plated

Operation and use

  • For steel and fire doors
  • When the door is closed, only the whisper silent is engaged
  • The bolt of the mortice lock only locks the door when the door cylinder is used


  • DIN left; DIN right


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colour: zinc plated
Security Level Home Security: 7
Weight: 676 g
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