Fire brigade key 17 mm

Fire brigade key

Fire brigade triangle for unlocking barrier posts with 17 mm triangular lock

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Fire brigade access roads and other regulated access roads are often secured against general traffic by removable barrier posts.

This post key, also called a fire brigade triangle (according to DIN 3223), has a zinc-plated surface. It is used to easily lock and unlock bollards and posts. Sometimes workers, construction site vehicles or even vehicles from removal companies or garden centres have to get past such barriers. With the post key with 17 mm internal triangle and 40 mm socket length, nothing stands in the way of getting through, as long as you are authorised to unlock the corresponding barrier post.
  • Made in Germany


  • Post key with internal triangle 17 mm
  • Fire brigade triangle according to DIN 3223
  • Total length 180 mm
  • Socket length 40 mm
  • zinc-plated surface

Operation and use

  • For unlocking and locking barrier posts with 17 mm triangular lock


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colour: zinc plated
Weight: 286 g
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