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Permanently protect your keys against loss!

ABUS BACK-TO-ME: More security for your keys in just a few steps.


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Individual security solutions for all properties - from gravel plants to schools.


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Maximum security & flexibility

Are you moving? The modular cylinder can be quickly adapted to fit your new door.


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Product finders

Get your individual product recommendation after just a few clicks.


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HomeTec Pro is now also available for patio doors

Open house and patio doors wirelessly and by inputting a code.


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Mainstream and average? That´s just not you!

Developed with Movistar Team, the GameChanger is the ultimate helmet for aerodynamic road cycling.


Looking for your key is a thing of the past © ABUS

Looking for your key is a thing of the past

Now you will always have the right key to hand, because only one key locks and unlocks all doors of your home. 


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Riding into the motorbike season

Love that feeling of freedom in the spring sunshine? Ride with us and the right lock into the season of 2018.


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