Smartvest wireless alarm system @ ABUS

Smartvest wireless alarm system - security gets smart!

With the Smartvest wireless alarm system, your life can become everything you’ve ever wanted it to be: secure and smart.


Teaser: ABUS Marine padlocks are here to stay

ABUS Marine padlocks are here to stay

ABUS padlocks are the ideal companion for boat owners:  They are 100 percent rust free and offer security even in harsh weather conditions and outdoor areas.


ABUS video surveillance will get to the bottom of risks © ABUS

Keep an eye on things

Whatever risks you face – be it burglary, theft or vandalism – no matter what happens: ABUS video surveillance will get to the bottom of it.


In the ABUS testing laboratory: picking © ABUS

Behind the scenes: in the ABUS testing laboratory

ABUS products are renowned worldwide for their high quality and durability. Before a product reaches the market, it undergoes a series of extensive tests.


Thieves' Code

Thieves' code - myth or reality?

A harmless chalk drawing on the house wall, symbols carved into the letter box or on the garage door ... upon discovering these kinds of signs, some people automatically think of the thieves' code.


U Lock @ ABUS

ABUS bike locks

You can thwart even the cleverest thieves without incurring significant cost. ABUS offers the right bike lock for every situation.


Teaser: Analog HD

Analog HD

Video surveillance: Analogue HD. Easy to install, simply connected to coaxial systems: Analogue HD offers the ideal solution for commercial purpose


Electronic Security Technical Support  © ABUS

Electronic Security and CCTV Technical Support

ABUS UK offers technical support for CCTV, video surveillance and alarm systems.  Using the ABUS Teamviewer our technicians are able to verify the correct configuration of your system.