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LPCB APPROVAL The Critical national infrastructure market


High-security padlocks play a crucial role in safeguarding critical national infrastructure because they provide strong physical security. Critical national infrastructure includes facilities and systems essential for a country's functioning, such as power plants, water treatment facilities, transportation hubs, and communication networks.

Flagship products in the ABUS 83 Series range of padlocks have passed rigorous testing to become LPCB-approved.

To become approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), a product must withstand a range of demanding physical attack tests, proving its ability to resist manipulation and assault and representing the highest security standards. The LPCB-approved ABUS 83CS/70, 83/70, 83/60-5 and 93RK padlocks are specified for high-security applications such as perimeter fencing and highly secure or remote sites. The padlocks provide extreme resistance to the highest levels of attack and CEN 6 ratings under the EN12320 standard for padlocks.

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively and offering independent third-party approval confirming that products and services have met and will continue to meet these standards.

There are several reasons why high-security padlocks are essential in this context:

  • Preventing Unauthorised Access: Critical infrastructure sites need to be protected from unauthorised access. High-security padlocks are designed with advanced locking mechanisms and materials that make them resistant to picking, drilling, and other tampering. This ensures that only authorised personnel can access the secured areas.
  • Resisting Forced Entry: High-security padlocks are constructed to withstand physical attacks, including cutting, prying, and hammering. This resistance to forced entry helps deter and delay potential intruders, providing additional time for security personnel to respond or for alarms to be triggered.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Critical infrastructure sites often face harsh environmental conditions. High-security padlocks are built to withstand extreme weather, ensuring they function reliably in various climates. This durability is crucial for maintaining the security of critical assets over the long term.
  • Key Control and Restricted Key Systems: High-security padlocks are often part of a broader security system, including restricted key control. Only authorised individuals can access duplicate keys, enhancing control over who can open the padlocks and access the secured areas.
  • Integration with Security Systems: Modern high-security padlocks can be integrated into master key and electronic security systems. This integration allows for centralised control, monitoring, and access logging, providing a comprehensive security solution for critical infrastructure.
  • Compliance with Security Standards: Many critical infrastructure facilities are subject to security regulations and standards. High-security padlocks are designed to meet or exceed these standards, ensuring that organisations comply with relevant security requirements.
  • Deterrence: The presence of high-security padlocks sends a clear message to potential intruders that the facility takes security seriously. The visual deterrent can discourage unauthorised individuals from attempting to breach the security measures in place.

In summary, high-security padlocks contribute significantly to the protection of critical national infrastructure by providing robust physical security, resisting various forms of attacks, and integrating with broader security systems. They are part of a comprehensive approach to safeguarding essential facilities and services from potential threats and disruptions.

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