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A modern solution for flexible access Secure Bluetooth Key Safe

Grant secure access with the ABUS Smart Bluetooth Key Safe for hassle-free key management and enhanced security.

The Smart Bluetooth Key Safe is a secure storage device that is designed to hold keys or other small valuables and can be opened using a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone. Not only will it put an end to lock outs, it will allow homeowners to grant and withdraw access to their home to whoever needs admittance whenever required, using an easy-to-use iOS or android app. 

The ABUS Smart Bluetooth Key Safe is a totally, secure, weather-resistant, tamper-proof safe for keys with a solid metal housing made from pressure-cast zinc and a pry-resistant mechanism. It allows homeowners to share access to those keys with others, making it perfect for anyone who needs to let in carers, workmen or delivery personnel or for anyone letting out their property short term, with Air BnB for instance. Each person entering will have their own smart phone 6-digit access code to the key safe limited by time, number of visits or other criteria. This can be useful to grant someone access to your keys for a specific period of time, such as a contractor who needs access to your property for a day, or a carer who visits multiple times a day or week. 

The ABUS Smart Bluetooth Key Safe app allows the owner to grant or revoke permission for specific individuals through the app. This can be particularly useful for property managers or businesses that need to provide access to multiple users without exchanging physical keys in person. Users can also monitor access history, set temporary access permissions, and receive notifications when the key safe is accessed for total peace of mind in real time. #

ABUS is an international producer of top-notch, inventive security, access, and safety solutions, boasting a track record of almost a century of innovation. ABUS UK belongs to a global network of firms that provide and distribute an extensive array of electronic and mechanical security products and systems for residential, mobile, and commercial security applications.

ABUS KeyGarage Bluetooth © ABUS

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