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Case study ABUS Padlocks Bolster Security at Salvation Army Sites

A programme to make Salvation Army clothes banks across the UK more secure than ever is being built on one of ABUS UK's most versatile and secure padlocks: the double locking ABUS 158/50 combination padlock.

An estimated £140 million worth – or 350,000 tonnes - of used clothing goes to waste every year in the UK, contributing to filling landfill sites and harming the environment. The Salvation Army – one of the country's largest providers of practical social care, runs around 8,000 clothing banks all over the UK. Everything donated to the banks is re-sold, reused, or recycled to support Salvation Army projects throughout the UK. These banks need to be kept secure between collections to ensure that the donations stay safe and that the banks cannot be vandalised or tampered with.

The Salvation Army has opted for the ABUS 158/50 Padlocks to secure its clothing banks. These padlocks, designed to protect medium-value assets and areas with moderate theft risks, are built with a solid zinc-die cast body for resilience and durability. They are suitable for a range of medium-security applications, from doors and gates to containers and lockers. The ABUS 158/50's hardened steel shackle, double-bolted for added strength against tampering and cutting, and the 158/50 model's individually resettable 4-digit code, which eliminates the need for keys, make these padlocks an ideal choice for the Salvation Army's needs.

ABUS UK, part of the ABUS Group, specialises in providing a wide range of security products and solutions in the United Kingdom. Known for its reliable and durable products, the company offers a variety of locks, including padlocks, bike locks, and security chains, as well as electronic surveillance systems. Focused on meeting the specific security needs of both personal and commercial customers, ABUS UK combines quality craftsmanship with practical design to ensure effective protection and security. The company's commitment to delivering straightforward, robust security solutions has made it a dependable choice for safeguarding assets and property across the UK.

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