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Designing a Masterkey system can be quite a challenge for Locksmiths, but what if there is an easier way?

The online system from ABUS is a cloud-based portal that takes all the hard work out of designing a Masterkey system; combined with an integrated online ordering system it also makes doing business considerably easier.

The online software includes all the planning tools a locksmith needs, including the integration of legacy products for your chosen cylinder system - Bravus, Vitess or Zolit - whilst ensuring compliance with data security specification TS17814. The only thing left to consider is how a to take full advantage of its potential to expand their business exponentially.

Here are the six benefits of using the online masterkey system from ABUS:

1)  Why use an Online Masterkey System?

It’s totally free and keeps your business organised and compliant. The convenience of being able to access the software online as well as onsite saves time by allowing all project data to be captured on-the-spot. It demonstrates professionalism to clients and offers a smart way of working. No more storing documents in a dusty filing cabinet, it’s all stored in the cloud efficiently and securely, and readily accessible to authorised account holders only.

2)  It makes designing and planning easy

Masterkeying system ©ABUS

Creating a new system is easy; just fill in basic details (system, your own profile and project) and start creating the matrix. Plan a master key system and specify: door names, cylinder types, item numbers, cylinder lengths keys and connect them to doors/cylinders. The system is designed to work seamlessly, almost like an Excel spreadsheet. The data inputs are fool proof because they are checked against ABUS’s live ERP system and options only show up when available and compatible. Any incorrect inputs will be highlighted in red and order submission will not be possible until these are rectified.

3)  Ordering made easy

The online system allows different order types: calculation only or built at the factory - calculation only is for when locksmiths wish to do build the system themselves. The portal allows locksmiths to print a lock chart before ordering to be approved by the client. Once that’s signed off, it’s a case of simply selecting a preferred delivery date, adding an order number for identification, and inserting any comments.

4)  Managing Masterkey charts

Documents can be accessed at any time including: cutting, pinning and cylinder/key lists, master key charts. Bitting/cutting values and profile are directly displayed to help making cutting new keys simple. Every key copy can be logged for key administration. Exporting key cutting machine interface data  can save a lot of time by importing the file with all cutting values directly into the key cutting machine. It is even possible to export keys as batch jobs for own assembly and simplify internal processes with order overviews for in-house technicians.

5)  Managing Masterkey extensions

The latest update of your master key charts is always available. Reordering additional cylinders/keys for existing projects and Masterkey suites is easy, as well as adding and ordering new extensions.

6)  Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

UK locksmiths should ensure compliance with data protection when managing master key systems. Only necessary project data for the operation of the system should be collected and it should be securely stored. The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers and Master Locksmiths Association recommend the new TS17814 for Master Key System Data Protection in addition to the best practice guide. The ABUS online system helps locksmiths maintain data security since the information for each account is held behind individual access profiles (with the option to register multiple users). This means that all the details of the system can be kept, securely, in one place.

ABUS UK is an invaluable partner for locksmiths undertaking complex masterkeying projects. With unrivalled expertise, top-quality products, they can guide locksmiths through every step of the process, from planning and design to implementation and ongoing maintenance. The first step is to speak with an ABUS representative who can arrange a demonstration of the online system, as well as pinning training for new customers who wish to switch to ABUS cylinder systems swiftly and easily. Support is given to locksmiths every step of the way to ensure that the transition is smooth.

If you require more information about the online system, why not request an online ordering system guide. Reach out to ABUS UK through their website or contact them directly via phone on 0117 204 7000 or by emailing Remember, with ABUS UK at your side, no locksmith is alone in managing masterkeying projects — ABUS provides the backup that only a world leader in security solutions can provide.

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