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The new ABUS padlock is ready for the future

Lost keys and forgotten combinations are a thing of the past, with the launch of the new ABUS TouchTM 57 biometric padlock. It works with just a touch as a programmed fingerprint unlocks the padlock from any angle, saving hassle, time and replacement costs.

The new ABUS Touch 57 biometric padlock, with its hardened steel shackle and high protection Nano-Protect™ coating, is the latest innovation from ABUS UK. It recognises up to twenty registered fingerprints from any position with a 360° detection range, so it works from any direction.

The new TouchTM 57 padlock, which is perfect for indoor or outdoor use thanks to its IP 66 & IP 68-level protection which guards against dust and water ingress, will last for years between battery changes with 10,000 openings achieved in lab tests with a standard CR2 battery. When the battery does need changing there is a SOS warning tone to let users know that it needs replacing while all of the fingerprint data is retained even if the batteries run flat. It is perfect for low to medium risk settings including doors, lockers, toolboxes, sheds, and switch boxes.

The hardened steel shackle is not the only security feature that makes the ABUS Touch™ 57 padlock the safe and secure choice: the automatic double ball locking system also ensures high tensile and torsion strength for exceptional attack resistance. This innovative new padlock is available in sizes 57/45 and 57/50.

Up to twenty different fingerprints including two admins can be stored in the ABUS Touch™ 57 padlock. This makes the new padlock really easy and convenient to use even if it hangs at different angles, particularly on basement doors, lockers or toolboxes, and even if a hasp is attached. The shackle is spring loaded so the ABUS Touch™ 57 will spring open effortlessly without a struggle no matter the conditions.

The programming process is simple, with encrypted memory, and users can be deleted when they no longer require access. This gives the ABUS Touch™ 57 a clear advantage over traditional keyed or combination padlocks when a user changes - no keys to collect or combinations to change and remember. Users always have the ABUS Touch™ 57 “key” – their fingerprint - with them so call outs for forgotten or lost keys are a thing of the past, a boon for security managers, facilities managers, and the construction sector. Because it is waterproof the ABUS Touch™ 57 can be used in a variety of situations like securing tools, assets, materials or training equipment. In residential and commercial applications it is ideal for securing valuables in multi-use areas.

ABUS is a global manufacturer of high quality, innovative security, access and safety solutions with a nearly 100 years’ history of innovation. ABUS UK is part of a worldwide group of companies that supplies and distributes a huge range of both electronic and mechanical security products and systems for home, mobile security and commercial security.

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