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Lock Out/Tag Out LOTO kits

Pack up your troubles with ABUS

ABUS, a globally recognised provider of Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) products, is now offering manufacturers and health and safety specialists a new range of LOTO kit bags and shadow boards to build a strong and coherent LOTO system.

A robust Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) protocol is vital to the smooth and safe running of any process where machinery is used – usually manufacturing facilities. Using the right kit to achieve that is an essential part of that process.

ABUS LoTo kits are available from smaller starter kits to fully customised mega-systems. The ABUS LoTo kit bags contain everything required to lock out and tag different energy outlets like valves, power plugs, and circuit breakers. The kits can either be used for single machines or workplaces, potentially becoming the basis of a much larger and comprehensive lockout programs. Available in two sizes, small and large, the ABUS LoTo equipment comes in a strong, lightweight polyester bag with a polyurethane coating that makes it flexible, water-repellent, and resistant to heat and dirt. A two-way zip and belt loop on the back makes them handy to store and carry.

There are two types of ABUS LoTo kits, electrical and mechanical. The more lightweight electrical LoTo kit bags contain safety padlocks, nylon lockout hasps, tags, nylon cable lockout, and circuit breakers. The heavy-duty mechanical kits include safety padlocks, lockout hasps, lockout devices for ball valves, tags, lockout cables and pneumatic quick-disconnect lockouts. For more complex and specific requirement, ABUS offers a ‘build your own’ custom safety kit facility.

ABUS’s new LoTo Shadow Boards can help create a professional LoTo station. Boards with capacity for 4, 10, 30 or 100 padlocks allow a consistent and robust LoTo procedure to be dependably followed, keeping track of padlocks and other equipment in a highly visual way. This ensures that employees can quickly find the right padlocks, tags and lockout devices for their work, reducing the number of accidents and risks during machine maintenance work. Highly visible and straightforward access to interlocks and safety padlocks helps everyone follow procedures more accurately and reliably.

ABUS is a global manufacturer of high quality, innovative security, access & safety solutions with a nearly 100 years’ history of innovation. ABUS UK is part of a worldwide group of companies that supplies and distributes a huge range of both electronic and mechanical security products and systems for home, mobile and commercial security.

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