Steel cable 1850


The ABUS 1850 is a high-quality steel cable with loop ends and synthetic coating for flexible protection of your valuables.

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Steel cable lock 1850 is flexible and versatile.
With a length of 185 centimeters, the spiral cable by ABUS offers a generous range to secure your valuables. Motorcycles and bikes can easily be attached to fences and lampposts. And there’s still a safe place for the helmet and other accessories. Another plus: The 1850 folds up to save space and for easy transport.
The two loop ends of the ABUS 1850 are connected with a separate U-lock or padlock for flexible security for your valuables. Whether used as a stand-alone safeguard or as a supplement to your existing U-lock, padlock, or frame lock, it can be used to secure multiple bulky items at once from theft or unauthorized use.
The synthetic coating on the steel cable protects surfaces from paint damage and scratches during both connection and transport. The steel cable is also suitable for protecting garden tools, garden furniture, surfboards, ladders, and other things around the yard, house, leisure, and work from theft.


  • High quality steel cable with two loop ends
  • Synthetic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle‘s paintwork

Operation and use

  • Additional security item to secure components
  • Multiple purpose cable for garden, house, leisure activities and work


  • The Loop-Cables are a very useful complement for U-shackle, frame and padlocks
  • Coil cable locks offer a compact transport size and have an extremely multifunctional and practicable length


General downloads:

alarm function: No
design color: grey
color of facets: black
Weight [g]: 280 g
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